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How to deal with the tension on the mobile network – part 2 (VIDEO Interview)

In late July, I reported on the “news” that Verizon was throttling video traffic for some users. As usual, the facts around this seemingly punitive act were not fully understood, which triggered this blog post. At IBC last month (September 2017), I was interviewed by RapidTV where much of the conversation was around the Apple […]

Beamr Video Optimizes Videos and. . . T-shirts?

As we were getting ready for IBC a few weeks ago, we started thinking about how making the visit to our booth more special. The idea of giving away T-shirts came up, and since we didn’t think people would be happy to go around wearing a Beamr Video logo, we decided to put a nice […]

Hottest Trends From IBC 2014 in Amsterdam

We’re back after 5 intensive days at IBC 2014 in Amsterdam, where we presented Beamr Video 2.0 to over 200 potential customers. After catching our breath, we are now ready to share some of our insights from the show. First and foremost: Everyone and everything is moving to IP. Whether you’re a TV station, cable or […]

Cutting Bitrate by 50% Just Became a Reality

It is with great joy and excitement that we announce the launch of Beamr 2.0 today. It was just one short year ago that we launched Beamr Video and set out to reduce the bitrate of any H.264 or HEVC video stream by up to fifty percent, enabling a smoother streaming experience with reduced buffering […]

Visit Us at IBC in Amsterdam, September 12-16

Beamr Video is heading to IBC in Amsterdam to show off some demos, meet our customers, say hello to old friends, and give out compressed T-shirts. The first demo we’ll be showing off will be a split-screen video demo displayed on a 4K screen. One half of the screen shows the original video, and the […]