As we were getting ready for IBC a few weeks ago, we started thinking about how making the visit to our booth more special. The idea of giving away T-shirts came up, and since we didn’t think people would be happy to go around wearing a Beamr Video logo, we decided to put a nice slogan on them: “Network Friendly”. This is the essence of what Beamr Video does: It reduces the bitrate of videos without compromising their quality, resulting in video files that are more “network friendly” – they don’t clog the network as much as regular videos, and provide a better streaming experience to the end user. So who wouldn’t want to wear a T-shirt saying that they’re Network Friendly? It’s a very friendly statement and a conversation starter…

But now we faced a problem: We estimated that we could give away 200 T-shirts at the show, but we had no room to store this many T-shirts in our booth – only a small storage space was provided by the organizers. And, shipping the T-shirts to the show would cost us a lot of money. So we thought: How can we reduce the storage requirements and the delivery costs of our T-shirts? And then it hit us: Optimization! This is what we must do to the T-shirts! In the same way that Beamr Video optimizes the videos to reduce storage and delivery costs, we would do the same by compressing our T-shirts.

Immediately we started looking for vendors of compressed T-shirts that could deliver the goods in time for IBC. Luckily we encountered GoTeez, that said the T-shirts would be ready on time. How is a compressed T-shirt even made? Check out this video.

So: Problem solved! And, we now had the perfect pitch for IBC. This is what we told every visitor after explaining the benefits of Beamr Video, and just before they left the booth:
“Oh, and one more thing: We also compress T-shirts! We had a problem of storage and delivery costs in bringing the T-shirts to the show, so we optimized them for delivery – which is exactly what Beamr Video does to your videos. And just like Beamr Video, the T-shirts are fully standard, and you can use a standard “decoder” to de-compress them: Just open the packaging, unfold the shirt and iron it using a standard iron, and you have your full-sized T-shirt!”. The result: Everyone left the booth with a big smile, and we were confident that our message came across clearly…