It is with great joy and excitement that we announce the launch of Beamr 2.0 today. It was just one short year ago that we launched Beamr Video and set out to reduce the bitrate of any H.264 or HEVC video stream by up to fifty percent, enabling a smoother streaming experience with reduced buffering and a faster stream start. So what’s new in Beamr 2.0?

Beamr Video 2.0 now offers a web dashboard and multi-core processing capabilities. The dashboard lets you easily monitor and control the video optimization process. With the dashboard, users can view the progress and optimization parameters used for each job, check the overall and average bitrate savings across all jobs, and monitor the system resource utilization for CPU and memory.

The multi-core processing capabilities enables the most efficient usage of computing resources. Once a user selects the number of cores allocated for processing, the tool divides the video file into multiple segments and processes them in tandem on different cores, ensuring the maximum performance and fastest turn-around times for a user’s video optimization jobs. Once the optimization is complete, Beamr Video 2.0 “stitches” the segments back together to create the output file.

Will be at IBC 2014 in Amsterdam? Stop by our booth, RAI, Hall 3, Booth B20, to see Beamr 2.0 in action. If you can’t meet us at IBC, you can always request a free trial by clicking here.