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TN2224 is So Yesterday!

For those who have Apple TN2224 committed to memory, I’ll start by saying, “sorry”.  It’s not that the Apple document isn’t useful for bitrate planning, but rather it’s just not that relevant today.  Said another way, TN2224 is useful for those seeking best practices for HLS implementations – especially HLS implementations on Apple devices – […]

Any Content, Anytime, Anywhere – Priceless?

Achievement #1 Wireless carriers are offering broadband speeds of 5-12 Mbps. These kinds of speeds are enough to accommodate most OTT recipes for full HD videos, bringing real meaning to any content, anytime and anywhere. According to Netflix, 5.0 Mbps is the Internet connection speed recommended for playing their movies and TV shows at HD […]

CES – Not Just to Impress

The future of TV displays I want to begin with a conclusion: CES 2016 further validated that Media Optimization is perfectly in line with the main trends of the video industry. It was a real pleasure seeing our customers presenting at CES, such as M-GO (a joint venture between DreamWorks Animation and Technicolor) featured by […]

T-Mobile’s Bold “Binge On” Promise Compresses the Competition

Introduced to applause from consumers and confusion from competitors, the T-Mobile® Binge On plan enables subscribers to view video from 15 content providers, without usage being counted in their mobile data consumption. This represents a major breakthrough.  Though the exact mechanics behind how T-Mobile is making this possible are unknown, with a basic understanding of […]

It’s Getting Intense

Where two parties are fighting, can a third party win? I ended my previous post on a positive note, suggesting that media optimization could be the savior for network congestion caused by the proliferation of massive photo and video sharing – an integral part of today’s “capturing process”.  Let’s take the discussion a step further by […]

1. 2. 3. Cheese

We live in an amazing time where with a smartphone alone, professional quality photos and videos are no longer limited to the exclusive enclave of high end studios.  And with Zogby Analytics reporting that 87% of Millennials confirmed in a national study that “My smartphone never leaves my side, night or day”, never before have […]

Introducing Beamr Blogger – Eliezer (Eli) Lubitch, President

Hi, my name is Eliezer Lubitch, but everyone calls me Eli.  As the President of Beamr, I basically think, eat, sleep, breath and even dream about media optimization.  This passion started over 20 years ago… At Scitex (a global leading graphic arts imaging company that was acquired by HP and Kodak), I filled various engineering, […]