The future of TV displays

I want to begin with a conclusion: CES 2016 further validated that Media Optimization is perfectly in line with the main trends of the video industry. It was a real pleasure seeing our customers presenting at CES, such as M-GO (a joint venture between DreamWorks Animation and Technicolor) featured by Samsung and LG, both showcasing M-GO’s high quality streaming service alongside Amazon Prime Video.

This year I was really impressed with Samsung and LG’s demonstrations at CES. Samsung amazed everyone with the new line of SUHD TVs based on Quantum Dot technology, which brings intense bright backlight, as never seen before. This product line supports both 10-bit video with HDR, and now you can only imagine the data bandwidth required to feed it at 60fps or higher…

At the show, one of the specialists estimated that the synthesized color gamut demo was encoded at 80mbps. Bandwidth or no bandwidth, Samsung is not planning to wait for any ISP and already showcased UHD Blu-ray with 100 titles. The Beamr perspective: Media Optimization can allow content providers to unleash the full potential of UHD with HDR and 10-bits today!

360-degree, flexible, virtual, wearable… you name it

LG grabbed my attention with two extreme ends – the LG 8K Super UHD 98” TV and the amazing Flexible Display that will enable mobile devices with foldable screens up to 18”.

I have to briefly mention the plethora of 360-degree video and VR gadgets on the show floor that capture up to 9K x 1080p resolution video for a full immersive experience.

GoPro and others presented mature consumer products that are affordable, from drones to wearables mounts, enabling the creation of amazing content that will need ultra high bitrate.

There is a lot more to say about the pros, cons and readiness of these types of devices, but once again I urge you to acknowledge and prepare for the inevitable data complexity of streaming to mobile destinations with such amazing displays. CES was not only to impress, but also to prepare you for the future.

Why drive when you can enjoy a movie instead?

I can’t summarize my insights from CES without mentioning the automotive invasion. Once Elon Musk made a strong connection between consumer cars and “electric”, the CES show seems to be the perfect venue for the top automotive brands and contenders to show the latest and greatest in electric and autonomous cars.

Once again, from the Beamr perspective – if you have to be in a car for 5 hours, but you don’t need to drive it, why not watch a good movie… we enable high quality UHD to mobile destinations.