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HDR adds ‘kapow’ to 4k

High Dynamic Range (HDR) improves video quality by going beyond more pixels to increase the amount of data delivered by each pixel. As a result, HDR video is capable of capturing a larger range of brightness and luminosity to produce an image closer to what can be seen in real life. Show anyone HDR content […]

Content-Adaptive Optimization is Bringing Next Level Performance to OTT and Broadcast Encoding Workflows

As the digital landscape continues to grow, it’s no surprise that the demand for a high-quality and reliable streaming video experience on mobile devices is increasing. In fact, Cisco reported that by 2019, video will represent 80% of all global consumer Internet traffic. This means, once every second, nearly 1 million minutes of video content […]

NAB was Fab!

This year we presented at the NAB show – the world’s largest electronic media show covering the creation, management and delivery of content across all platforms – in two booths, following the recently announced acquisition of Vanguard Video. Double demos At the Beamr booth, we demonstrated our content-adaptive optimization solutions, which reduce the bitrate of […]

The future is HDR so you better wear shades

I can remember racing to my friend Craig’s house during our lunch break at High School, just so we could watch this new music TV channel, MTV.  Being musicians and huge fans of music, we were mesmerized.   Though the television technology we watched MTV on was no match for the displays of today, the […]

Best Efforts vs. Managed Networks

We live in the most dynamic and exciting time, as it relates to entertainment distribution.  The press is abuzz with talk of cord cutting, cord nevers, and other nebulous catch phrases, read click-bait fodder.  But with greater than 80% of US households still paying a subscription fee for their TV service (the number according to […]

Staying In Tune With the Evolution of Broadcast Video

  If you’ve read some of the Media & Entertainment news headlines lately, you’ve probably noticed that everything is about OTT: New services, new business models, more content becoming available, and more people cutting the cord.  You may have even heard that broadcast TV is dead.  But is it?  Despite the growing trend of cable-cutters […]

When quality and bit-rate are at equal priority, what tools are available to a compressionist?

Recently I was in deep discussion with a major MSO regarding their encoding recipes, and later as I reflected on the conversation, it occurred to me that I’d had the same talk with big and small OTT service providers, consumer entertainment distributors and UGC sites. Regardless of the target audience or value of the content, […]

Don’t Buy It Now

The times they are a-changin’, that’s what Dylan said And the pace of change is accelerating, just listen to any TED So when you buy a product in a real or online store You need to know that in a month it won’t go out the door   You should check the feature list and […]

Can MSOs Enable Subscribers to Define Their Own Media Experience?

It looks like traditional cable television is streaming the wrong way; the days of paying large monthly bills for bundled channels that remain half unwatched are over. The MSOs that choose to evolve and stream their consumer’s way will remain relevant players in the media and entertainment industry. Those that don’t will turn into mere […]

Perceptual Content-Adaptive Transcoding: Going Beyond Preset ABR Recipes

In the early days of video on the Internet, encoding video for streaming was quite simple: You created a 320×240 video file encoded at 500 Kilobits per second, and that would fit on anyone’s computer screen, and into anyone’s first-generation DSL connection. But in today’s multi-screen world, your video needs to reach a multitude of […]

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