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Real-time Video Optimization with Beamr CABR and NVIDIA Holoscan for Media

This year at the NAB Show 2024 in Las Vegas, we are excited to demonstrate our Content-Adaptive Bitrate (CABR) technology on the NVIDIA Holoscan for Media platform. By implementing CABR as a GStreamer plugin, we have, for the first time, made bitrate optimization of live video streams easily achievable in the cloud or premise. Building […]

Virtualized vs. Bare Metal

It is common knowledge that running software on bare-metal is faster, yet virtualization is everywhere, and for good reasons. When you run software in the cloud, as we do in our Beamr Video Cloud service, the environment is virtualized, and the underlying VM technology is determined by the service provider (in our case – Amazon […]

Do You Really Get Double Performance from Hyper-threads?

No. Not even close. Hyper-threading Technology (HTT), created by Intel almost 15 years ago, was designed to increase the performance of CPU cores. Intel explains that HTT uses processor resources more efficiently, and enables multiple threads to run on each core. The result is increased processor throughput, and improved overall performance on threaded software. With HTT […]

Beamr Video Cloud Service 101: How to Use the REST API

Introduction Cloud-based video optimization offers a solution that is cost-efficient, scalable and seamlessly integrated into a video processing workflow. Naturally, I would recommend the Beamr Video Cloud service as the easiest way to get started with optimization for your videos. There is no installation or server management required. Beamr Video Cloud service runs on Amazon […]

Why You Should Also be Excited About AWS Lambda

Websites like have a purpose. They tell a story. tells the story of image optimization through a web-based, easy-to-use demo. Users are able to experience the product online, hands-on, without further ado. This is the magic of But our web-based optimization service is not limited to a single photo.  JPEGmini also has a free […]

Introducing Beamr Blogger – Dan Julius

Hi, my name is Dan Julius and I’m the VP R&D at Beamr – and what you would call a typical tech geek…  I joined Beamr in 2011, and together with our great team, have been building the world’s best media optimization tools. I studied computer science and math at Tel Aviv University and then […]