Hi, my name is Dan Julius and I’m the VP R&D at Beamr – and what you would call a typical tech geek…  I joined Beamr in 2011, and together with our great team, have been building the world’s best media optimization tools.

I studied computer science and math at Tel Aviv University and then completed my MSc in Computer Science at the University of British Columbia. I’m a hands-on developer, both low level (C/C++/Linux) and high level (Python/Cloud/Web), with experience in software development and architecture on various platforms. I’m a big fan of cloud technologies, an early AWS adopter, and heavily into image and video processing.

The need for media optimization is definitely on the rise, and leading the software development and cloud operations at Beamr is a great opportunity for me.

I’m looking forward to sharing technical information, knowledge and insights that I’ve learned while developing Beamr’s products, and look forward to hearing from you as well!

Feel free to chat with me via our Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts.