High Quality, High Scale, Low Cost video processing – Beamr Cloud is bringing technology that used to be exclusive to tech giants like Google and Meta – to everyone.

Here’s all you need to know about Beamr Cloud

Video rules the world

Video is the most dominant digital content type today. From high-res smartphones to IoT-enabled cameras, videos are being produced at a faster pace than ever, and at increasingly higher resolutions. 

These days, videos are even created without cameras or human intervention, thanks to the expanding usage of GenerativeAI, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). All that, on top of the growing markets of Streaming (OTT) and User-Generated Content. 

Video storage in the cloud alone is already a huge market that is expected to grow to $13.5 billion in the next year. Beamr Cloud started on Amazon’s AWS, and we plan to deliver our services to additional cloud platforms.

But Video is hard and complicated 

Video is booming, but handling it is challenging and complicated. 

Video files are huge, and they pile up in enormous libraries and repositories. Due to their enormous size, among other reasons, storing videos is costly, moving them around is expensive and processing them according to your specific needs takes significant computer resources.

In order to find the right balance between various business needs like Costs, Quality, User experience and Speed – you must be an expert. Otherwise the costs would be too high – and you’d leave money on the table.

Yet getting to this sweet spot is very complicated. Without getting too technical, let’s just briefly explain why: when you customize a video for a specific application, you have to control several key parameters, and balance the desired video quality, the minimal bandwidth required, and the compute intensity. In addition, this balancing act varies for different types of video, such as photorealistic, gaming, or animation content. Each type has different bandwidth requirements when delivered over the network.

Some companies handle videos well 

The fact is that tech giants have the knowledge, money and engineering power to build efficient video workflows. They even developed specialized chips for this purpose, like Mount Shasta for Meta and VPU (Video Processing Unit) for Google. 

But good luck getting your hands on the giants’ tech. Their video solutions are exclusive to them, and even if you manage to access them, you’ll probably find that they are tailored to their own specific needs and may not meet the quality, bandwidth, and cost criteria for your application.

Disrupting the Video World 

Beamr is poised to disrupt the video world with automatic, efficient and scalable video processing that is oriented to the booming markets of Artificial Intelligence (AI), User-Generated Content, Autonomous Cars, Online-Video-Editing and Podcast platforms and more.

Beamr Cloud automatically strikes the balance between quality, bandwidth, compute power and costs – and does that at scale. Here’s how it works:

  • Simply connect your repository in the AWS platform – and start optimizing and modernizing your video files right away, while enjoying the most advanced technology.
  • Choose between essential workflows or create specific presets according to your needs. 
  • Optimize videos while upgrading them to the newest standards: HEVC and soon AV1 – the emerging video format backed by tech giants. 
  • Beamr Cloud requires no code, and you can also use our API to further customize your video solutions.

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