The proliferation of AI-generated visual content is creating a new market for media optimization services, with companies like Beamr well positioned to help businesses optimize their video content for reduced storage, faster delivery, and better user experiences.

We are living in a brave new world, where any image and video content we can imagine is at our fingertips, merely a prompt and AI based content generation engine away. Platforms like Wochit, Synthesia, Wibbitz, and D-ID are using AI technology to automate the video creation process. Using these tools makes it almost trivial for businesses to create engaging video content at scale. These platforms allow users to create tailored content quickly and efficiently, with minimal time and cost.

Wochit, for example, offers a library of pre-made templates that users can customize with their own branding and messaging. The platform’s AI technology can also automatically generate videos from text, images, and video clips, making it easier for businesses to create engaging video content without needing specialized video production skills.

However, as businesses increasingly rely on AI-generated content to reach their audiences, and can create a multitude of ‘perfect fit’ videos, the struggle with storage and bit rates becomes a significant factor in their operations. When dealing with bandwidth gobbling video, companies need to ensure that their videos are optimized for fast delivery, high quality, and optimal user experiences. That’s where Beamr comes in.

Beamr’s technology uses advanced compression algorithms to automatically optimize image and video content for fast delivery over any network or device, without compromising quality. This means that you will get to keep the full look and feel of the content, and maintain standard compatibility, but reduce the file sizes or bitrates – without having to do anything manually. The underlying, patented and Emmy Award winning technology will guarantee that the perceptual quality is preserved while any unnecessary bits and bytes are removed. This allows businesses to deliver high-quality content that engages their audience and drives results, while also minimizing the impact on network resources and reducing storage and delivery costs.

Video generated on

To demonstrate the synergy between AI based video content generation and Beamr’s optimization technology we went to Wochit and created a magnificent video showcasing Ferrari above. We then applied the Beamr optimization technology, and received the reduced size perceptually identical optimized video, with file size down from the original 8.8MB to 5.4MB, offering saving of almost 38%.

For our next experiment we took the title of this blog, went to D-ID, and turned the text into a promotional video, using all the default settings. This resulted in the source video shared below.

Video generated on

With an easy drag & drop into the Beamr optimization utility, a completely equivalent video file – using the same codec, resolution and perceptual quality was obtained, except its size was reduced by 48%. 

Image synthesis using AI is also becoming more and more common. Along with the already commonplace AI based image generators such as DALL-E (2), many additional platforms are becoming available including Midjourney, DreamStudio and

Feeling the tug of the Land-Down-Under we headed to and requested an image showing ‘a koala eating ice-cream’. The adorable result is shown below on the left. Then we put it through Beamr optimization software and obtained an image with the exact same quality, but reduced from the original 212 KB JPEG, to a mere 49 KB perceptually identical fully standard compliant JPEG image.

Beamr is also preparing to launch a new SaaS platform that leverages Nvidia’s accelerated video encoding technology, to further speed up the video optimization process. This will allow businesses to optimize their video content even faster than traditional video encoding services, giving them a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving market for AI-generated video content.

For businesses that use Wochit to create their videos, Beamr’s technology can be integrated into the delivery process, ensuring that the videos are optimized for fast delivery and high quality. This allows businesses to stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly evolving market, and keeps their audiences coming back for more. As the demand for AI-generated video content continues to grow, media optimization services like Beamr will become increasingly important for businesses that want to deliver high-quality image and video content that engages their audience and drives results ensuring that they stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly evolving market.