In a recent article we did a little investigative research on the state of 4K and four significant trends:

  1. The upgrade in picture quality is significant and will drive an increase in value to the consumer – and additional revenues for services.
  2. Competitive forces are operating at scale – Service Providers and OTT distributors will drive the adoption of 4K.
  3. SNL Kagen forecasts the number of global UHD Linear channels at 95 by the end of 2016 – and 237 globally by 2020.
  4. Geography. 4K is already far more widely deployed in Asia Pacific and Western Europe than in the U.S.

In this article we want to further highlight the state of commercially available 4K UHD services. The UltraHD Forum published a list of UHD services that are “live” and it’s worth checking out.

To break it down, there are 18 VOD and 37 Live services with 8 in the US and 47 outside the US.

The 4K adoption rate isn’t moving as slowly as one might think, so don’t make the mistake of misreading its speed. It’s time to start building your 4K workflows now as the competitive pressure is fast approaching.

Note: The following UHD service chart is courtesy UltraHD Forum.

Operator Country Service Topology Delivery Model Notes
AcTVila Japan VoD OTT Unicast ABR
airtel 4K India Live IPTV broadcast
Amazon US VoD OTT Unicast ABR
Bein Middle East Live DTH Broadcast
BT UK Live IPTV broadcast
Comcast US Push VoD Cable DOCSIS 3.x NBC used HDR10 & Atmos for Rio Olympics
Dalian Tiantu China TS Playout Cable unverified
DirecTV US VoD DTH Push VoD
Dish UHD promo Live IPTV broadcast
Fashion one (SES) Luxembourg Live DTH broadcast
Festival4K France Live IPTV broadcast
Fransat France Live DTH broadcast
Fransat France TS Playout DTH broadcast
Free France Live IPTV Multicast Android middleware, 1 channel at launch: Fashion TV loop
Globo TV Brazil VoD OTT Unicast ABR
High 4K TV Live IPTV broadcast
insight Live IPTV broadcast
Inspur China Live Cable unverified
J:COM Japan Live Cable Broadcast
KPN Netherlands Live IPTV Multicast
KT Korea Live IPTV Multicast
LG Uplus Korea VoD / Live ? IPTV Multicast
M-Go US VoD OTT Unicast ABR
Nasa TV US/Europe Live IPTV broadcast
Netflix US VoD OTT Unicast ABR
NOS Portugal Live Cable Broadcast, Multicast, Unicast ABR OTT trials have occured
NTT Plala Japan Live / VoD IPTV Multicast
Orange France France Live IPTV Multicast Dolby Atmos available on some broadcasts
pearl tv Luxembourg Live DTH broadcast
SFR France Live IPTV Multicast UHD used to promote Fiber
SKBB Korea Live IPTV Multicast
Sky Deutschland Germany Live / Push-VoD DTH / Cable broadcast Launched October 5th 2016, 2 Live channels + Push VoD
Sky Italia Italy Live DTH broadcast “Super HD” launched June 2016, HDR Announced for 2017
Sky UK UK Live DTH broadcast Available to premium Sky Q customers
SkyLife Korea Live DTH broadcast
SkyPerfecTV Japan Live DTH / Opticast broadcast HDR announced for October 2016
Slovak Telecom Slovakia VoD OTT Unicast ABR
Sony US VoD OTT Unicast ABR
Sth Korea’s Pandora Korea VoD OTT Unicast ABR
Stofa Dennmark Live cable Multicast Viasat Ultra HD
Swisscom Switzerland Live & VoD IPTV Multicast Testing HDR
Tata Sky India Live DTH broadcast cricket world cup’15
Telekom Malaysia Malaysia Live IPTV Multicast Demonstration/Trials – Launch soon
Telus Canada VoD OTT Unicast ABR Starts with VoD – Live coming soon
Tivusat Italy Live DTH Broadcast
Tricolor Russia TS Playout DTH broadcast
Turkcell Turkey Live IPTV Multicast
UHD-1 Live IPTV broadcast
UMAX Korea TS Playout Cable broadcast
Videocon India Live DTH broadcast cricket world cup’15
Vidity US VoD OTT Unicast ABR
Vodafone Portugal Portugal Live IPTV Multicast
Vodafone Spain Spain Live / VoD IPTV Multicast, Unicast
VUDU US VoD OTT Unicast ABR Dolby Vision and Atmos support announced
waiku tv France VoD OTT Unicast ABR