The times they are a-changin’, that’s what Dylan said
And the pace of change is accelerating, just listen to any TED
So when you buy a product in a real or online store
You need to know that in a month it won’t go out the door


You should check the feature list and validate the spec
To buy a future-proof device with the latest tech
So here is some advice that will help you navigate
Our ever-changing gadget world while making no mistake


Don’t buy a new TV unless it’s HDR
Don’t buy a game console until it has VR
Buying a phone would not be wise if it can’t shoot 4K
And a watch that only tells the time makes no sense today


Don’t buy a new car that has a steering wheel
A drone that doesn’t follow you is not a very good deal
A pair of glasses without AR will soon be obsolete
And 2D ink on a piece of paper is not what I call print


This is my advice today, and it might change tomorrow
So in order to prevent your deep feelings of sorrow
When finding out that your new toy has turned to junk somehow
Is the global, timeless truth: Don’t Buy It Now!