Hi, my name is Mark Donnigan.  As the Vice President of Marketing at Beamr, I am responsible for the corporate communications, market development and commercial success of Beamr products.

My formal education is in computer science and music, a combination which lead me to Cornell University where I completed MBA Certificate courses, and in the process became extra passionate about combining business, technology, movies and music to create and deliver amazing entertainment experiences. Today, I am excited and inspired to be delivering next generation media optimization solutions for digital distributors and publishers seeking to create the best consumer experiences possible.

Specific areas of expertise include streaming delivery technology, digital content business models, content licensing, content security and DRM. As a result of the ecosystem experience I’ve amassed, I feel most fortunate to be able to travel and speak widely on behalf of Beamr, addressing the rising need for media optimization solutions in today’s network congested reality where video commands more than one-third of all Internet traffic during peak hours. Streaming Media, Digital Hollywood, Media Summit NYC, OTT Executive Summit and Fierce Online Video are some examples of conferences I have spoken at or media outlets where my thought leadership was featured.

I look forward to sharing insights into the exciting world of media and entertainment distribution in future posts; ideas which I hope can shape the future of digital entertainment and new media distribution. I’d love to hear back from you at our Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts. Let’s lean into this exciting golden age of entertainment together.